Our Story

Our Story

Hi, I am Clodagh and My Mini Munch is our family business.  Myself, my husband Martin and our 3 young children (our little models). 

Coming from a design background I had very clear ideas in mind about the clothes I wanted for my first baby boy but I just couldn't find them, the colours for boys were so limited, so I bought some plain baby bodysuits and some baby friendly fabric paints and I created my own with bright colours and that is how we started.

We sew our leggings, jumpers and skirts out of certified organic cotton in our home studio in Dublin and we have a local pattern cutter and seamstress who also work from their home studios.  We are passionate about keeping our production local and allowing people to work around their families.

Our clothing range is designed to be worn.  Having experienced the fast fashion side of the childrenswear industry when we had our first son. Seeing how much waste, how badly made some of the clothing was and the short length of time it lasted we started sewing our own range from premium quality organic fabrics which have not had pesticides, or harmful chemicals used in their production.  We use a pattern for our leggings that allows them to grow with the child and they are cut for disposable and cloth nappies. Our leggings and jumpers have the softest organic ribbing for cuffs which allow them to grow with babies and toddlers, our leggings can even be pulled up as crop pants for wading in the sea or for exploring

We focus on prints that can be worn season after season avoiding unnecessary sales to sell dated or unwanted stock. Our prints are timeless.  We purchase just the right amount of fabric and have very little waste with small print runs and a focus on quality design.  Many of our online prints sell out on the launch day. We stock a range of unisex prints to ensure that our clothing can be passed to siblings, cousins or friends.  Sustainability is at the heart of what we do.  The most sustainable clothing being something you already own.

Our range of organic leggings, jumpers and skirts are cut by hand individually, then sewn, pinned and finished all here in Dublin.  By being in charge of our own manufacturing we are able to ensure a traceable and transparent clothing production line with high-quality and ethical standards. The jersey and sweatshirt knits are made of GOTS and Ökotex certified organic cotton, knitted and printed in Europe.

We offer a full range of bodysuits and t-shirts which are all 100% organic cotton, premium quality, fairly and ethically produced and these are all printed in our studio by us.  

We use recycled packaging for everything from business cards, to swing tags, invoices and thank you cards.  Our packaging can be reused or recycled and even our tape is kraft tape which can be recycled.