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Nocturnal Cloth Facemask

Turnaround Time: 5-7 Business Days

€17.95 EUR

Processing Time: 2 - 3 Business Days

Compliant under Barrier Mask for Consumers NSAI SWIFT 19 guidelines as required by the CCPC 

This is a reusable fashion face mask / barrier mask. 


This face mask is 2 layers of 100% woven cotton that has been preshrunk

  • Elastic that goes around the head but can be cut and adjusted to ear loops if preferred. Elastic provided is 80cm and untied.
  • A filter pocket
  • Side Panels which allow for a secure fit
  • Side Panels also allow for replacing of elastic making this a more sustainable eco friendly option
  • Masks are packed in recyclable boxes

By purchasing this mask you enable us to donate to the project who provide cloth masks to health care professionals and others working or volunteering within residential or community-based care, where there is limited or no access to surgical masks.

Exact placement of design on mask will differ with each individual mask.

This mask has been hand made in a home and steamed after production. These masks are not guaranteed as suitable for a medical setting but are washable up to 60 degrees celsius


Not suitable for Children under 3. 
Children should be supervised at all times during use.

Never put the barrier mask on the forehead or below the chin, either in a waiting position during use or after use.

Masks are reusable and guaranteed for minimum 15 washes. Elastic is not guaranteed but the mask design allows for elastic to be replaced when worn or stretched.

This barrier mask is not intended to protect the consumer against viral infection. Used in conjunction with relevant public health advice, a barrier mask may help prevent the </strong><strong>spread of viral infection to others.

Change mask when damp and wear for a maximum of 4-hours. 

WARNING This is not a personal protective equipment (PPE) or medical device (MD) under EU law

Washable at 60 Celcius, do not microwave or boil. Do not iron on the elastic. Full washing and wear instructions provided with purchase, please retain for your reference.  If you have any questions please contact us